Friday, June 6, 2008

Hi it's Courtney Here
I love school and I love my teacher too!
Because she is nice and she teachers us heaps that we don't know but now we are exberts!
Have a nice Day
Hi everyone
nice to meet you!
I love Rabbits!
I love sports!
I love school!
I love my family!
From Court

All About Me

Hi All
My name is courtney and i live in New Zealand!
And I love it here!
And Thanks to a friend who helped me create 1 thanks!
I think I'm a very nice girl and have lots of friends

Thursday, June 5, 2008

All the sports I like-
Soccer netball hokey touch rugby And more
Thats alot Ah!

About my trips

I am Courtney
I was 3 years old when we first went to fiji
and i love it there!
I know what Bula means it means Hello!
We always go to fiji but this year we are going to Australia
to go to the theme parks but I'm sure i'll have a great time there
thanks Bye


Hi My nickname is Court
I am 9 years old and ILove sports!
i think i am a good girl and pretty
And i love my school